Our association with Jyotirmoy Acharyya goes back to a few years now. It was our first big Corporate Film and I had asked him to do the graphics for the film. The film was to be shown in France and Italy - it was imperative that the quality of graphics should be of international standards. The turn around time was very tight. The budgets were not very great either. Jyotirmoy turned around some extremely amazing graphics in a matter of 7 -10 days. The graphics prompted us to look at some digital films as well for the same client and a few virals were worked out. Ever since Jyotirmoy is an integral part of all our projects which require any kind of graphics. His contribution to a concept, his opinions and his wisdom and experience make him a great team player and not just a free lance graphics artist. He actively contributes to script, concept and finish too.

I have never met a person as committed as him when it comes to meeting a deadline. There have been times when a client is sitting with us and he provides us the solution and changes required sitting in a remote location. I remember he had carried his computer to a wedding in Calcutta and was working on changes asked even while the groom was doing the pheras!

I would also like to mention that Nisha has also been an active participant in all our interactions and a couple of award winners for us have been award winners all thanks to their contribution to script, concept and post-production graphics. He has been an integral part of our team and in our growth story. And will continue to be in all our future endeavors.






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